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Treatment of Lymphedema Pages

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Sleeves.Gauntlets and Gloves
Breast Compression
Night Time Garments
Swell Spots, Foam Padding, Chip Bags
Skin and Nail Care
Patient Education--Self-Management
Kinesio Taping
Compression Pumps
Nutrition and Diet
Low Level Laser Therapy
Lymph Drainage Gas Ionization
Alternative Medicine
Other Unproven Modalities








standard Treatment of lymphedema

The first treatment you will receive from your lymphedema therapist is know as "Complete Decongestive Therapy", which consists of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Compression (Wrapping and Compression Garments of various types), Skin Care, Exercise and Patient Education--Self-Management.  We cover each of these components of "Complete Decongestive Therapy" below, together with other standard treatments of lymphedema.  We will be speaking about each one of these treatment components in detail in the links below.

The National Lymphedema Network has a position paper on lymphedema treatment, and it is useful for reference and to review with your lymphedema therapist.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Sleeves and Gloves

Breast Compression

Night Time Garments

Swell Spots and Foam Padding

Skin and Nail Care


Patient Education-Self-Management


Kinesio Taping

Compression Pumps


Diet and Nutrition

Alternatives to Standard Treatment of lymphedema

These treatments are used by some lymphedema therapists and not others.  We will be speaking about each one of these components in detail in the links below.


Low Level Laser Therapy


Lymph Drainage Gas Ionization

Alternative Medicine and Treatments for Lymphedema

Other Un-Proven Modalities




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