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Personal Stories of Lymphedema--Jinky


I had a mastectomy for breast cancer in 2002. In 2004, while we were moving, I lifted a few boxes. Within an hour my arm blew up. I got an over the counter sleeve and put it on.  Everything was fine until I took up knitting in 2005.

All my knuckles flared up and got red.  (I have arthritis so thought it was that).  I flew out west and was there ten days, and coming home all my hand blew up.   I didn't know I should have had a glove when I first got lymphedema. This would have helped so much.

In 2007 I leaned on my lymphedema elbow while scrubbing a small area on the floor with my good arm, and overnight my lymphedema arm blew up.  That was not a good idea.  Shows you why we need a sleeve.  I didn't have my sleeve on. I started wrapping and within a few weeks I got it down, but since then I wear my sleeve all day long and do MLD. I only wrap once in awhile at night.

Being able to wrap has given me control over lymphedema and peace of mind. I use Komprex II (spaghetti foam) or a dorsal swell spot under my glove, and when I have fibrosis in my arm I put some Komprex II there.

The best thing that happened to me was finding our support group. I have learned so very much from everyone. It has given me peace of mind.  I can't believe I took up a petition to get lymphedema garments to be paid for by our province's health plan.  It is in the legislature now.

When there is a need we lymphedema women step up.

Lymphedema hugs,

jinky xxxooo

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